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Sake is a brand created by the late Jack Phoenix. The story is tragic, but the legacy grows with each passing day. Artists, friends, musicians and family have come together. All walks of life. 

It’s Sakeworld. Rappers, aliens, junkie rabbit men, lazy eyed film stars, skateboarders, the grim reaper and Jesus with a medical marijuana card.

The store on La Brea has been described as the best shop in Los Angeles. It’s a destination where tourists take pictures and fans come and see world class artists perform at the Sake Stage, up close and personal.

The clothing is cut and sew made in downtown LA. You can tell. It sets Sake apart from any other new brand. Sake has deep respect for the brands that came before and thrive around it, and yet Sake is there, singing its own song, turning heads.

Jack Phoenix was a visionary and left us a lot. It's a miracle that there is so much there. The puzzle will always be incomplete without Jack, but it's taken on a life of its own. Sake forever.



SAKE 114 South La Brea Av. LA CA 90036
is now closed. We will be opening a concert venue/store in 2021.